Meet The Crew

Łukasz Sowa

Managing partner,
Backend developer

Łukasz specializes in highly concurrent and distributed systems. Sporadic blogger, pizza lover and football addict.

Jacek Głodek

Managing partner,
Full–stack developer

Engineer, designer and organizer at Iterators. Big fan of service design, design thinking and microservices.

Michał Kisiel

Iterators Mobile Android Lead

Michał is a mobile platforms magician focused on Android development. He built many of the most popular apps in Polish Play store.

Sebastian Sztemberg

Iterators Mobile iOS Lead

Sebastian is award—winning iOS developer, he worked with range of clients, from ad-agencies to government organizations.

Piotr Bąbel

Backend developer

Piotr is an active member of Polish JVM community, and has extensive experience with everything from mobile Java to backend J2EE and Scala.

Przemysław Burcon

Backend developer

Experienced developer by day and passionate drummer at night. Przemek takes care of data flow and domain modeling.

Adrianna Kmieciak

Backend developer

Adrianna uses her functional programming experience to develop complex systems with focus on CMS systems.

Pav Aleksandruk

Growth Hacker

Pav is a passionate growth hacker. He helps us craft our marketing strategy, build sales funnel and manage content we share with the community.

Przemysław Cuper

Frontend developer

Przemek takes care of requirement management and building models of internal tools in Iterators.

Mateusz Maciaszek

Backend developer

Having Scala as the main expertise, Mateusz models flawless typed APIs for systems we build.

Adam Omelczuk

PM & Backend developer

Adam is a professional project manager. He is the go to person when it comes to modeling requirements and machine-learning.

Karol Celebi

Mobile developer

Karol builds and maintains our mobile applications. He's fan of everything low-level, from OC to Android OS reverse engineering.

Agata Dębska

Frontend Developer

Agata enjoys designing & building UIs, but also painting and embroidery art. Having great taste, she's indispensable when building stylish web app interfaces.

Krzysztof Gawryś

Backend Developer

Krzysztof has a great experience building financial software systems for big enterprises. Now he helps building lean solutions for startups we're working with.

Przemysław Kuzia

Mobile Developer

Przemek is a great iOS developer with a passion for interaction design and great looking interfaces.

Marcin Matuszak

Backend Developer

Marcin is a experienced developer and makes invaluable contributions to Scala community in Poland.

Przemysław Wierucki

Backend Developer

Przemek is a software craftsman who enjoys clean and well-structured code. He applies his functional skills to create modular solutions with a focus on API design and good domain separation.

Marcin Rzeźnicki

Backend Developer

Scala expert. Using Scala to build most composable and consise business logic for our partners.

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