Open Source

As we strongly believe in open source culture, we do not only use open source tools but we also create them. Some of our team members are committers to core Scala projects such as cats. Below you can find some of our in–house maintained open source projects.


Library to eliminate Scala boilerplate

kebs is for eliminating some common sources of boilerplate code that arise when you use Slick (kebs-slick), Spray (kebs-spray-json), Play (kebs-play-json), Akka HTTP (kebs-akka-http) or Avro4s (kebs-avro).

Kebs on GitHub

Akka HTTP Microservice

Example of (micro)service written in Scala & akka-http

This project demonstrates the Akka HTTP library and Scala to write a simple REST (micro)service. The project shows the tasks that are typical for most Akka HTTP-based projects.

Akka HTTP microservice on GitHub

Reactive microservices

Different microservice communication styles using Scala, Akka, Play and other tools from Scala ecosystem

Reactive microservices is an example project completely devoted to microservices architecture. It lets you learn about microservices in general - different patterns, communication protocols and 'tastes' of microservices. All these concepts are demonstrated using Scala, Akka, Play and other tools from Scala ecosystem.

Reactive microservices on GitHub

cors buster

Simple, lightweight proxy that bypasses CORS intended for development.

cors buster on GitHub


Besides organizing our own events, we also support causes that we like and actively take part in sponsoring, organizing and participating in community events. In the past we sponsored events such as Arduino Day, Microservices Hackathon or Scalar Conference. Our team members took part in many hackathons around the world winning some prizes ex. BattleHack, HackWAW, Tech–Crunch Disrupt Europe.


Warsaw Scala Group

Iterators are sponsors and co–organizers of ScalaWAW — meetups about Scala and its ecosystems. In the past we helped organizing numerous hackathons as well as typical lectures.

ScalaWAW on Meetup


Learn & teach

Each year Iterators attend and have lectures during tens of tech conferences of different kinds. We had talks and workshops on events such as: Lambda Days, ScalaWave, Warsjava, various Scala User Groups (WSUG, ScalaWAW, TSUG, KSUG), 4Developers, Chamberconf, Scalapolis and more!

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